Nawakwi is now lost

edith5Our once vibrant lady and potential president, Edith Nawakwi, one whom when she spoke all Zambians listened to and appreciated, now stands as a weathering wavering drying flower in the cold of dirty, unfocused and presents herself as shameful in the political arena without an appreciable position. Nawakwi seems to be opposing all opposition leaders and at times opposes herself. She no longer makes sense when she speaks. She is misleading and unworthy of an opposition leader.

Madam Nawakwi has been very controversial on almost everything including her flying first class to Brazil under Sata, a trip she gained herself some board chairperson of some institution. How shallow can this lady further fall? Nawakwi from then showed total instability and an uncaring attitude on the direction Zambia as a nation must take. She has focused on making money for herself at whatever the cost. It is inconceivable that any sober leader can support Lungu.

It is clear that Nawakwi could have gotten some monies from some unknown persons to literally unsettle the balance of votes in the opposition camp. Nawakwi now makes little sense when she picks a position on literally any matter. Her deputy Antonio Mwanza has unfortunately been struggling to manage this mess her boss is smearing all over.

No wonder many women`, when interviewed on her case, indicated that they could not help usher Edith into plot one because her life is unstable. Staggering from a husband grabber to an unstable opposition leader who contradicts almost all other opposition leaders and at times even herself. Nawakwi performed badly despite her loud mouth in the last elections. Collecting 79,489 votes country-wide representing 2,17% of the total votes cast. She even got less  independents put together with a staggering 347,005 votes or 9.45% of the votes cast. She could not even overturn the 92,044 mark of the invalid/blank votes.

Nawakwi served in different portfolios in the MMD government. It is also clear that then she managed to squeeze some large sums of monies she invested in the banana plantation in Chiawa area. Nawakwi is clearly unclean too. This may be the reason why at times she simply sways away when those who know her deeds and are likely to go for her throat. Truly Nawakwi is just lost.

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