Mubukwanu a mere nuisance in Western Province

mubukwanu4The once potential priest and now the Western Provincial Minister, Nathaniel Mubukwanu does not seem to appreciate his jurisdiction as regards his job description as a Provincial Minister. A provincial Minister is supposed to coordinate works for all ministries in the province and among all government departments. But Mubukwanu is micro managing all the affairs of the government and is certainly a misfit as minister.

Nathaniel whose highest academic qualification is simply a technician certificate has now been vested with such a great developmental responsibility in the entire western province and is proving to be a total failure.

He does not seem to know where his long arms, thirsting for abuse of office should really end. Mubukwanu is simply a bully and hides his ineffectiveness as a non-performer in pushing his weight around government departments and standalone institutions intimidating the civil service.

How can a minister be itching to address workers in a hospital monthly meetings? How can he be boasting of being a cabinet minister? How can Mubukwanu be so cheap to literally boast of having more authority now than ever before and further literally want to start running the daily affairs of hospitals in the entire province?

Nathaniel is a clear representative of what the PF government aims to do in the province. The aim is to destroy any developmental works in areas where Inonge and Lungu lost lamentably. Mubukwanu is not fit to be a minister and as such he represents the low end calibre chuff of Lungu’s appointments of ministers in areas where Lungu lost and could not hoodwink progressive thinkers to vote for him. The other clear failures are Kafaya in North Western province and the hamukale the SP Ministers. The results of that result are now showing everywhere in Zambia. More expensive livelihood through more expensive fuel, more expensive mealie meal, higher cost of doing business and literally drilling the Zambian economy into a burial site.

If Mubukwanu is the best candidate Lungu could find among all cadres in western province for a minister, then Zambia as a country is certainly headed for further deterioration. Mubukwanu is a mere cadre differently framed from Kampyongo, who both have vindictive attitudes on individuals who point out there flaws. Nathaniel should have completed his priestly training, perhaps then, from his inner soul, some good would have been salvaged of him. For now, Mubukwanu is just a waste of space in the province and shall not enhance development there..

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