REV.Pukuta Mwanza must seek his spiritual and moral compass and learn to read the times correctly.

oimg-20170228-wa0001Let him read the old Testament on the story of those three Hebrew boys who refused to bow and worship a Nebucadinezan idol. They refused to partake of Kingly food that had been sacrificed to idols but opted for fresh fruits and vegetables. Despite all this they still grew healthy and wiser.

Hakainde and GBM have refused to bow down before Lungu’s idols of cheating and theft. The vote was stolen from them and the evidence abound. This is supposed to be Pukuta Mwanza’s prime concern, that natural and legal justice be given a chance.

Hasn’t he read the story Jesus told about a widow woman who wore out a Judge to vindicate her, over a matter that needed to be heard before his court?

The woman made endless ‘pilgrimages’ to the courthouse to insist that the Judge hear her case until the man of the bench gave in and met her profound desire to have her case brought before court. She finally received justice!

This is what HH, GBM and the people of Zambia desire. Hear us! Kwasila! Is there anything wrong with that? Is it too difficult for Pukuta Mwanza to understand that?

If Pukuta Mwanza and other clergy desire to worship  Edgar Lungu’s idols of theft, cheating,corruption and violence, let them go ahead. Let them proceed and also eat at his table of food sacrificed to the same idols of theft, cheating, corruption and violence.

Does Pukuta Mwanza know how many political prisoners are in Lungus filthy jails over the stolen election? Does he care or bother to know that they too have families like Edgar Lungu and himself. If he is truly a pastor, these are matters that he needs  to preoccupy himself with than forcing HH and GBM to submit to illegality and injustice.

Pukuta should be the first one to understand that in the bible starting with King Saul and others where rejected by God due to unfaithfulness and other vices. Most of them where removed violently. Lungu with his dictatorial tendencies has time and again been given the chance to reform and yet he continues on this trajectory of crookedness, myopia and deceit. Lungu should be careful as time has no favourites and at times can be crue. If he thinks he will bee legitimised by threats and arm twisting, then he is as naive as he is shortsighted. HH and GBM have called for peace and as far as we can see, these two can only be considered as honourable and peaceful men.
We there fore call on Lungu to do the honourable thing and step down.

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