The 58 quiet UPND MP’s in Opposition. Part 2

The reactions by some MPs from the largest opposition party UPND, as concerns our earlier editorial article entitled, “the 58 QUIET LOT OF UPND MPs” reveal a sad reading. Two things are clear: –

  1. It is true they admit they are actually a quiet lot
  2. It is also clear that the 58 quiet UPND MPs in the Zambian parliament are not offering a formidable opposition platform expected of them by the people that elected them into office.

Perhaps the leaders of this cohort (leader of the opposition and the chief whip) must seriously consider revisiting their stance and style of they way the conduct themselves in parley. They need to start to work as the main opposition party. Whatever is going on now, and whatever reasons they have, the current result is not what the majority of Zambians who voted for them expect of them.

It’s amazing that amidst so many wrongs ongoing in Zambia, the opposition is ironically in a  deafening silence, as though they are passively siding with the ruling party. Of the many anti-people issues ongoing daily without amplifying voices, it is just sad to almost touch the silence. Even a clear matter of a scandalous maize-gate scandal exposed by the Malawian government, the opposition is asleep. The decency and openness from a Malawian government requires a hats off.

The heavy handedness under Kampyongo in the Ministry of Home Affairs with clear police brutality, incarceration of innocent citizens, closure of public private media, the theft and corruption by General Chimanse who built a 3 Sixty Convention Centre and shamefully opposed ZAF 71, thefts and looting by Amos Chanda. Kaiser Zulu, PS Chola, at the Minister of Energy & Water Development, chief thief Christopher Yaluma, etc. The purging of Lozi, Tonga, Luvale, Kaonde and Luvale groupings from government and government institutions are all but a few real issues any MP no matter how remote can pick on and bring to the attention of the nation and government leadership of the national house, Wina and her thuggery government what is known to be going on.

It is amazing that the Watchdog has received some defensive reactions from some of the 58 Quiet Lot. Do they really think they are doing a good job? Lets give a few Notables in the last parliament. The late Hon, Request Muntanga (RIP), Hon Garry Nkombo and former Bweengwa MP Highvie Haamududu, Hon Cornelius Mweetwa were an indisputable voice for the voiceless, they once stood tall in that parliament. Unfortunately two of these are gone and the remainders voice too seems silent and can no longer speak up.

With a deadly HH and GBM combination, one would expect that the 58 quiet lot would help marshal efforts and run a complete shadow government. This is not happened. If it is there anywhere, then it is not yielding the expected results. The VEEP heads the house in parliament. But does the UPND VEEP simulate that with his 58 Lot?

No, loudness or vehemently put up protests or defences shall be adequate to defend the position you portray. You may wish to just revisit your actual position, and start some serious planning and take some actions to remain relevant. Perhaps it is high time the next serious government cuts the MPs terms to two in synchronism with the presidential terms of service. Some UPND MPs may be too tired after some running four, three and two terms.

We call on you to awake and start doing your job, that of providing the checks and balances that are required in a functioning democracy.. Zambia can benefit from your standing tall and talking on behalf of the million voiceless people. It is now almost 6 months since this 58 Quiet Lot were ushered into the house, it would be fair to request you to offer some reasonable desired opposition in parliament. The current status quo is nothing to write home about. In Parliament you are dead for now as an opposition.


Garry Nkombo


Late Request Muntanga




Cornelius Mweetwa with Kambwili

One Comment on “The 58 quiet UPND MP’s in Opposition. Part 2”

  1. Likuda
    March 6, 2017 at 7:41 pm #

    Why are the UPND MPs so silent ? Even Siakalima and Nkombo have become docile


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