Tragedy at ODYC! The buck stops with you Mr President

IMG-20170306-WA001Social media was today inundated with tragic pictures of our mothers that have so painfully been crushed to death as they fought for food handouts by the organisers of the event. Out of respect and privacy for their families in this time of grief, we have elected not to publish the sad pictures of the tragedy in this article. They are so graphic and so tragic.

This tragedy reveals troubling questions on the status of our Nation under Edgar Lungu.

Of course someone ought to be blamed, no question about that. The blame finger must not be pointed at the organisers, then we will have missed the point.

These people tried to help desperate and hungry people and didn’t realise that the whole city would descend on the site. They were simply overwhelmed in the process due to hungry desperate people.

The buck stops at the PF President Edgar Lungu and his disastrous management. He is to blame. But typical of Esgar Lungu and his sidekicks, they will probably sfind someone or something else to blame this on.Taking responsibility for anything is not part of their DNA.  This country has become failed State, a failed project. Instead of attending to the needs of this country, Lungu was busy learning how to grow green vegetables in a country that is almost all desert. What could he have learned there that he could not learn here?

When people tragically die like that in a free food stampede and melee, we ought to ask very honest question about this failed experiment called PF. Why did this have to happen?The deaths are an indictment on the PF and on their President’s failed policies. Ordinary people can’t afford  food and other necessities of life. Period!

When PF came into power Mealie meal was K35 and now its K120. Would you blame a religious organisation who felt duty bound to feed the hungry and got overwhelmed in the process, because of starving citizens?

Instead of addressing the problems of hunger and lack of medicines in hospitals, he undertakes a very expensive pilgrimage to Israel with half of his corrupt Cabinet, his aides, party cadres and a hoarde of his body guards, to inspect the growing of vegetables in greenhouses! What a disastrous and clueless individual who is the so called president.

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