Visiting a desert Country for Vegetable Growing Lessons?

president-edgar-chagwa-lungu-plants-a-tree-at-the-grove-of-the-nation-in-the-jerusalem-forest-on-tuesday-28-02-2017pg-4560-1.jpgIt is totally ironic that President Lungu took off with about 10 cabinet ministers with him complete with their aides to visit Israel, a country in the desert, to learn how vegetables are grown. Zambia sits on 70% of waters in the Southern and Central Africa. Zambia has more arable land than Israel and in land surface there is no comparison.

No wonder Netanyahu politely met this tiny dictator a few minutes, because Lungu is now proving both aimless and visionless. Lungu went to Israel with a gang of ministers to see how vegetables are grown. His visit was not worth the Netanyahu’s busy serous schedule. How can a country in the desert be teaching a country in the savannah how to utilise land and grow better vegetables? It is absurd that Lungu picked on his 10 corrupt cabinet ministers to go and conduct due diligence on vegetable growing from Israel.

Today eight people lost their lives while 28 others were injured at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) in Lusaka during a stampede for food. Coincidentally some churches invited about 35,000 hungry Zambians to receive some free relief food, while a Lusaka Lottery group also had another free eye-check program in the same location.

Approximately, 150,000 hungry Zambians showed up and unfortunately six poor women, who left their families in search of survival food lost their lives.

The actual fears of hunger which many Zambians could not read way ahead are now here. Barely six months into the PF led government in a stolen second term governance is showing clear patches of failure. Self-exclaimed visionless Lungu is now globe-trotting with a platoon of ministers checking out on how vegetables are grown in a desert country.

Meanwhile corrupt Maize-gate scandal is still alive. Several cabinet ministers were seen exporting maize from hunger stricken Zambia. Malawi meanwhile took action on the corrupt agriculture minister, Zambia instead rewards the corrupt ministers with lavish trip flying business class using funds from a broken economy.

The tiny dictator acts are mushrooming and the results of a poor choice by Zambians is getting clearer. Sad as it maybe, six lives were lost today while struggling for basic food stuff.

One Comment on “Visiting a desert Country for Vegetable Growing Lessons?”

  1. e.mundia mwangala
    March 6, 2017 at 8:01 pm #

    Sad indeed


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