Rotary Family dented in Zambia – Lungu Inducted?

Rotary Family dented in Zambia – Lungu Inducted?

The Zambia Rotary family now stands at crossroads of indisputable degradation. While more thanIMG-20170310-WA0043 half the population of Zambia, not only doubt the credibility and integrity of the self-imposed Head of State, but have actually rallied behind the presidential petition still being blocked by Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s puppets, he has been inducted into Rotary in some skirmish secret session in Mansa.

One of the last standing non-partisan organizations, Rotary Family in Zambia with the ever known fair organization is now questionable. Rotary is one of the strictest organisation in terms of ethical conduct, and high moral standards. This body went ahead without considering the plight of the many marginalized Zambian citizens, without care to honour a clearly un deserving Edgar Chagwa Lungu as an Honorary member of Rotary.

Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a questionable character whose presidency has been petitioned. This Chagwa Lungu has gone ahead to mute all hearings of the opposition by abusing the judiciary through unprecedented bribery levels. This is the same tyrant who made it practically impossible for the opposition to campaign prior to the past 2016 tripartite elections. He even ordered to kill UPND Supporters like Chibulo Mapenzi and Matapa to be killed at his command. How can Rotary with its strict International Ethics surely Honour a killer?

The Rotary Club of Mansa, Luapula province in Zambia , under secretly ushered Edgar Chagwa Lungu Honorary Rotarian membership during his recent visit to Luapula province on a political tour of Duty. The induction of a head of state was done secretly, in the dark and most Rotary members in the Rotary District 9210 are not even aware of this unceremonious induction. Wonder why?

Chagwa was inducted into Rotary by the Past District Governor (PDG) William. Rotary the world over stands on the 6 pillars of commitment and service above self. Now what has Chagwa Lungu done in terms of Peace? He is at the centre of locking up all innocent opposition members and silencing voices who differ with his visionless attitude, throwing innocent persons in crowded the prisons while real hard core criminals roam the streets freely. As commander in chief of the armed forces in Zambia, he is mute about most, if not all human rights violations that are currently going on in the country. Lungu cannot qualify to be a Rotarian. So why is he been honoured into the Rotary family?

It is on record that Chagwa is killer, a thief who has looted 22 million dollars from the Zambian people in 18 months of being in presidential office when 18 months prior could not afford 20,000 kwacha. Now Rotary is going to access this bloody money, how indecent.

It’s clearly been mentioned by Lungu himself that his top brass ministers are corrupt. The PF leadership is a bunch of dishonest and thieving people. This type and class of people including the man overseeing them do not have a place in Rotary.

The object or norms of Rotary demand that one qualifies a four way test in whatever they *do, say or think,* as follows: Is it the TRUTH?; Is it FAIR to all concerned?; Will it build GODWILL and BTTER FRIENDSHIPS?; and Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?. For Chagwa all these are Nos. He cannot pass the test above?*

Why should a big name, actually the Head of state be inducted that far from his residence in a small club leaving out the bigger clubs in Lusaka and the Copperbelt? Of what purpose will Chagwa Lungu serve in Rotary as an Honorary member?

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