PF operatives planning to cause havoc at  ConCourt petition hearing on Tuesday.

The PF  for some unknown reasons seem to be seriously rattled by the impending concourt petition hearing on Tuesday.

Amos Chanda’s hastily arranged State House press briefing that was entirely dedicated to HH’s meeting with the Commonwealth, is being viewed by many a Lungu watcher as such an indicator of unprecedented panic. And today the State House Minister Freedom Sikazwe’s  tribal venom in parliament, where  he labeled Tongas as dogs, is also believed to be setting the right tempo for the planned chaos by the Soweto PF thugs.

The PF Soweto branch were infiltrated today  as they held a meeting where it was agreed that a couple of drunken operatives wearing UPND regalia would be deployed to cause mayhem at the Concourt. It would be from there that the Zambia Police would be expected to discharge teargas that would hopefully cause the Court to adjourn indefinitely, according to the plan of these evil political thugs.

It remains to be seen how IG Kaanganja’s Police would handle such a scenario if it was to take place. Last time tonnes of teargas was fired while live bullets that injured a UPND supporter were discharged. No arrests were made of the known officer that injured the UPND youth.

We have just got information that  Caders in Lusaka led by Kennedy Kamba and PF Women’s Chairlady are currently in a meeting to plan and strategize on how they will execute the evil mission of causing violence at the court on the 15th and 16th March as the Petition resumes.

This is after learning that the International Bodies that include AU, UN, SADC and Commonwealth will be attending the proceedings to get the full information about how the petition has been mishandled by Edgar Lungu’s corrupt Judges.

The PF are planning to wear UPND regalia and start stoning the Police Officers so that the International Community labels UPND as a violent party. Its about time Edgar Lungu and his bafoons started taking responsibility for their evil actions.



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