RB’s employee Edgar Lungu fires all Sata appointees from diplomatic missions

By Staff Reporter

CLEANSING has hit the the diplomatic missions with relatives and all appointees of the late Michael Sata being recalled, and replaced by surrogates of Rupiah Banda by President Lungu.

Those recalled are being replaced by elements who helped and still help the MMD operated PF remain in power such as online media houses including Zambia Reports and Mwebantu.

The owners and reporters of such pro-PF media houses have so far been awarded with jobs, all truly independent media houses such as Mast, News Diggers, Zambian Watchdog as well as Kwacha Times are targets of state intimidations and will soon be clumped down with its editors persecuted.

The current active President Rupiah Banda has advised his worker Edgar Lungu that he must fire all those diplomats who were appointed from the defunct Post newspapers into diplomatic mission – then, the Post and its owner Fred M’membe saw nothing wrong but now, his Mast Newspapers thinks this is absurd.

However, this cleansing is meant to strengthen the power base of Edgar Lungu in his duties to Rupiah Banda in Zambia.
So far, Zambia is seeking a loan from IMF to finance expenditures from such activities which will gobble more than $30,000 from the treasury on each diplomat

This excercise involves recalling Ambassadors, their Deputies, trade personnel, press attaches, accountants and all personnel in a particular mission, as long as they were appointed by Sata.

According to a source close to Rupiah Banda, this move is motivated by the hate the former Head of State has for Sata after he stripped him of his immunity over his corruption with Nigerians.

Rupiah Banda is also trying to re-appoint his friends, relatives who lost employment when he was ousted out of power by PF in 2011.

The now owner of PF Rupiah Banda is currently the one advising his worker Edgar Lungu to even borrow more money from the IMF to finance certain projects which will be given to their minions to supply to the people of Zambia – projects such as roads and bridges which were previously awarede to the same bootlickers are being washed away by rains barely 5 years after being constructed.

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