Dora tours Kasumbalesa border to check on maize smuggling ironically with a  smuggled ‘toy boy’.

Earlier this week this writer reported on the rampant smuggling of Mealie meal into the Congo DRC right under the nose of the Zambia National Service troops who are said to be participating in the scam.

It was reported that the PF had secretly lifted the export ban of maize to selected milling companies among them Champion Milling Company which is said to have connections with top Government officials.

Well our Tonga compatriots have an adage that says “kazyula nkumba, muyoba”. Loosely translated; it’s only the rains that awakens the snail from hibernation. True to the saying, Dora Siliya is touring the borders to check on the reports of  smuggling, ironically with a smuggled ‘toy boy’ from another marriage of an innocent traumatised woman……at Zambian tax payers’ money.

We heard the PF President addressing a half assembled parliament yesterday speaking about morality(my foot!) and corruption.

We are aware that Dora has gone to the border to tie the loose ends, after shifting her corruption from Malawi to the DRC, after the former exposed her filthy dealings in the Maizegate scam. Who can believe Dora has the zeal, passion and morals to fight corruption through smuggling?  We can bet you she’s first level beneficiary.

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