Chief Justice has lost all credibility and must resign.

Irene Mambilima the Zambian Chief Justice has lost it.

This woman is presiding over the Judiciary during the most tumultuous, chaotic, directionless and uncertain times in the history of our Nation.

In normal circumstances, this is the kind of situation that would have prompted and afforded her a golden opportunity  to offer firm and fair leadership, guidance and hope. But for some very strange and mysterious reason, it is not inspiring such action from her.

A regional case in point is the South African judicial system that has occasionally faced such challenges from the Executive similar to what is obtaining in the current scenario here, but they have bravery drawn a line between where the Presidency begins and where it ends.

We know some readers may cringe and disagree  if we refer to what is happening in the United  States because of its distance, but justice is supposed to be blind and is without distance.

The only department of Government of the US that will offer unparalleled, fearless and unequivocal leadership in the dispensation of justice, under the current chaotic, irrational and unpredictable Trump leadership, is the judiciary. And they have predictably risen to the occasion in offering hope against injustice and Executive excesses.

Justice is supposed to be predictable but in the case of Zambia injustice has become too obviously predictable.

Chief Justice Irene Mambilima out of her own accord, has sacrificed her credibility and has shredded whatever little faith the people had in her office. The Chief Justice has failed to inspire faith and integrity in the Judiciary because of narrow, sectarian and personal (including family) interests she has with the PF leader Edgar Lungu.

This is very unfortunate but fortunately it can still be addressed by her, by stepping aside and allowing someone else to take over. By such a bold move that is rare in Africa, she would have salvaged a bit of credibility for herself and the Nation. The Chief Justice must resign.

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