Investors and foreigners rattled as police and PF declare Lusaka unsafe.

Foreign Nationals and some investors have expressed concern over the announcement by the Zambia Police that the Capital City of Zambia Lusaka, is unstable and unsafe.

This follows a letter written by the Police to  the UPND justifying why the Police had denied them a permit for a scheduled rally in Kanyama  Township, where they had wanted to thank their supporters for their votes in the last election.

Arising from the 7 day notice of intent the UPND gave the Police, the PF Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba stormed Movie TV declaring that they would be bloodshed in Lusaka, if the Police allowed the rally to go ahead.

The Police subsequently withdrew the permit and declared Lusaka a near war zone describing it as “unstable and insecure”.

Foreign Nationals, Investors and tourists will usually rely on authorities like the Police to assess and ascertain the security nature of any given area, before the decide to travel or invest.

It remains to be seen when the Zambian Police will de esacalate the security level to ‘normal’.

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