Zambia becoming a Police State?

Police-surround-Chainama-HotelIf you thought that Edgar Chagwa Lungu was a nice humble man, well, think again. By his actions in the last day or two, we are left in no doubt that we have the making of a tyrant and dictator. This illegal so called president Edgar Chagwa Lungu is becoming more exposed. He is now targeting the opposition voices through muffling the media. This is something that has gone on for a while but lately has gone beyong a joke.

Yesterday morning the PF Police foiled a UPND press conference that was planned at Chainama Hotel. The illegal President and tyrant of a  dictator today unleashed battalions of PF Police to seal off Chainama  Hotel.

This prevented the press or even members of the public from getting information from the party of their choice UPND and its leaders HH and GBM.  They could not go ahead at the designated site to hold a press conference.

Meanwhile after relocation and holding the press conference at the Party Secretariate, there was word going round that journalists were harrassed. It seems that these PF thugs were not content with what had happened at Chainama. Some were sent to infiltrate the press comference at the new venue.

PF cadres were later heard boasting that mission had been accomplished with their action at the UPND press conference. One of the carders identified as Chile was heard telling some of his colleagues that they would have wanted to do more but OP officers who where on the game prevented them. Some of the journalist who where part of the scheme played alone.
HH and UPND has since apologised and sent statements to all affected. Despite the apologies, some radio stations are still refuting the apologies have been made.  PF and their failed government are under heavy pressure and they will crack sooner than later.

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