Keith Mukata-is he a sellout?

Keith1Part of the weaknesses of the opposition parties in Zambia are partially embedded in the nominations of candidates for Members of Parliament. In very clear circumstances, the opposition still gets enticed to nominate seemingly popular and good candidates for MP ship. From our analysis these are merely political prostitutes. These are just money mongers. People who hop and flock from party to another in search of belly feeding and extra money for their livelihoods. Each time a party seems as though it may form government, loads of money mongers latch on to it like the fleas that they are.

The late Michael Chilufya Sata (RIP) set a brilliant example here. He never got enticed by political prostitutes. He stood by those who rallied behind him from when he was a loner to when he became the king.

Keith Mukata is a clear example of such people. He squarely joins the ranks of Simbao, Edward Mumbi, Miles Sampa, Dora Siliya, Mulusa, etc. These are all mere political prostitutes. Keith has branded himself as such as well. How can he sit back on a planned marchout from parliament, as though he took himself there without the political party? How can he be playing the good boy to the powers that be? How insulting to the sponsors can that be? How low can one fall, to fail to see through the laying government and its leadership? If he was really a force on his own, why didn’t he attempt to compete as an independent candidate for Chilanga Constituency? Truth be told, he knew he could not make it, he knew he could have lost squarely to any UPND candidate in Chilanga.

Keith is just a sell-out. His traits are clear and repetitive. He sold his MMD coat to PF and served almost a full term as a deputy minister in the PF regime. In fact, he is also part of the rot that got Zambia to where it is today. He sat in the PF rubbish for almost five years and jumped out with the hope that UPND  would form government just as the campaign period was gaining pace, but alas it was not to be. Now he is courting the clear tyrannical and abusive hard line upcoming dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu. How much does it take for any reasonable and educated lawyer to recognise the ills of the current government?

Even LAZ has been pondering on matters that are bordering on injustice being perpetrated prior, during and after the elections. This is a poor path to choose and poor judgement on his end. He is lost soul. This is partly what is making the opposition parties weak and quickly losing grip of their following. Keith Mukata is merely a sell-out and he cannot be termed as an example of a good politician but a smart money mongering crook. He is weak unfocused, unstable and turncoat whose primary focus in financial gain.

Why UPND had to choose Keith Mukata among the large eligible members it had in Chilanga constituency is still a mystery. Of what value has Keith Mukata really added to the UPND? Can Keith sell-out his opposition MP status for a few coins of silver? These questions remain for those in charge of opposition parties. You do not need to stick to the tried and trusted within party ranks. You can stand alone and clean. You do not need political prostitutes to run government, the recycling of rotten politicians is a weakness among the opposition leaders. This weakens their stance as opposition parties in the long run. We can only hope lessons have been learned.

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