Edgar Lungu must cage Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Kampyongo is behaving like a pregnant rabid dog and must be caged by his master and Party President.

Kampyongo is an international criminal on the International civil aviation watch list for twice attempting to bring down an aircraft in mid air in Shiwan’gandu. That is terrorism and if he thinks International aviation watchdogs have forgotten about this crime, then he’s in for a rude shock.

The same Police he is inciting against fellow citizens will one day be used to arrest him for the crimes he committed in attempting to bring down an International aerial vehicle with passengers on board.

But in Zambia such criminals and thugs are rewarded with Ministerial jobs, that’s how this country has been reduced to junk status.

State House thugs  can beat up law enforcement officers at football  stadiums and they are let off to continue roaming the street creating more  havoc.

Davis Chama discharged a magazine of bullets in the abdomen of Mushaukwa Mushaukwa in Mulobezi two years ago, but he walks a free man to this day and was even rewarded as Minister of Defence! That’s the Zambia we now live in for you.

Zambians will one day redeem this country to its former glory and it shall soar “like an eagle in its flight”. Zambia shall have its dignity restored by its own citizens and no amount of vote rigging and judicial corruption will stop the march to win back the country from these thugs and state sponsored cronyism and thuggery.

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