Jacqueline Musonda purging Tongas from REA.

Jacqueline-H-MusondaREA Director of Support Services Jacqueline Musonda in conjunction with her husband Chikwanda Musonda at the Ministry of Finance and REA Chief Executive Office Geoffrey Musonda are at the head of purging Tongas from the once clean institution, the Rural Electrification Authority (REA).

Earlier in 2015 prior to the January presidential by-election, Chikwanda Musonda husband to Jacqueline Musonda was heard at OR Tambo waiting departure lounge saying, the Technical Director at REA, Mapani and the then Procurement Manager, Munsaka both Tongas had to be hounded out of REA as they were perceived to be sympathizers of the opposition.

Chikwanda Musonda has taken keen interest in the REA court case where the two senior officials whose contracts were terminated sued REA. Our investigations indicate that Jacqueline Musonda found herself almost irrelevant in REA when a brilliant and way overboard Engineer Mapani who is a  Fellow of the Engineering Institution of Zambia overshadowed her presence due to her incompetence.

Sadly Jacqueline Musonda has continued her evil acts by targeting young and upcoming brilliant people like Andrew Chilala by frustrating his progression career wise. Young Chilala may have resigned from REA by now.

Truth be told, REA now is literally struggling to exist as an institution. The board too has been politicized  by PF with former professional and now known PF cadre Professor Jorry Mwenechanya at the helm. This man used a REA vehicle through the period when his mandate had expired. He continued to cling to a REA vehicle through the period when the REA Board had been dissolved, him included, without shame. With his Malawian connection and Lungu being Malawian, Jorry managed to get his chairmanship of the REA board again after reconstitution.

REA is now almost a failed institution. The management is literally waffling over work and has not been able to deliver the desired results performing at its worst level since inception. With Jacqueline Chikwanda Musonda having her husband at the Ministry of Finance, seems to be influencing Geoffrey Musonda on how REA must run.

Surely the Musondas are having a field day at REA. Another two Musondas have since been employed at REA. Geoffrey CEO has even engaged one of his his friends to do some consultancy work while no work is really being done.  Unfortunately the downward spiral is set to continue, just like it has the last two years especially given that the mod there are being overseen by the highly incompetent and corrupt PF government.

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