Arrogance and impunity- traits of a power drunk dictator.

16106050_1389389654445114_8494507926904806852_nAfter an embarrassing display in Mongu of Western Zambia, during the Kuomboka ceremony, dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu has now turned his anger on the largest opposition party and specifically its leader HH. Lungu was so embarrassed by the people of western province that he could barely sleep. Sources from his camp indicate that Lungu was very disturbed due to lack of support during the entire Kuomboka ceremony. What was meant to be a joyous occasion became a bitter time for him.

In reacting to this embarrassment, last night heavily armed Zambia Police raided HH’s house breaking down windows, doors and overrunning the main gate down to gain access to HH’s premises. Details of the full raid are yet to be disclosed as the premises are still sealed off by police as at this morning.

Lungu is said to have been utterly embarrassed over the illegitimacy of his presidency. The display of the the people’s discontent of Lungu could not be denied. It was too obvious. The tyrant of a  Dictator now wants the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema dead. The force used by aides of Lungu with Zambia Police are alarming. Kaiser Zulu has been the one commandeering the Zambia Police at HH’s house.

Lungu has lost it and his ultimate removal is eminent.  Zambians cannot keep this failure in the highest office in the land. Such is not what Zambia needs. Zambia is a peaceful country but the turn of events may just turn the once peaceful nation into a very ugly one. Lungu needs to realise that he is not dealing with one man. He is dealing with the entire nation that he swindled out of an election victory. He needs to be careful the way he handles this one. His arrogance and impunity are unparalleled. How would he like his home and family violated like lake that? there are some boundaries that should nevere be crossed regardless of how much power you think you have. What he needs to know and understand is that things turn and they just may trurn against him very soon.


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