Unclear circumstances surround HH’S condition after midnight Police raid.

It had now been confirmed that a battalion of heavily armed  Zambian Police special Forces raided the Lusaka residence of the leader of Zambia’s main opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, what however is unclear is his current condition and whereabouts.

The Police reportedly broke through the boundary walls and the doors, and began to spray teargas and pepper spray. It is however unclear if they found the opposition leader or any member of his family inside the residence.

As news of his arrest began to filter out, scores of Lusaka residents, prominent among them MP for Mazabuka Gary Nkombo and former MP for Chongwe Slvia Masebo, rushed to scene that many described as looking like a war zone, but were however repelled by Police who fired rubber bullets and teargas at them.

Mr Hakainde’s legal team led by Mr Jack Mwiimbu and a dozen or so members of the press corp were prevented from entering the premises and had their cameras confiscated by Police.

Earlier in the day, there were reports of an impending arrest of the UPND leader who PF Party  leaders accused of having disrespected their President for allegedly not giving way to his convoy in a narrow bumpy, pot holed rural road, in Zambia’s Western Province, where the Nation’s biggest cultural ceremony, the ‘Kuomboka’ was taking place.

PF Party leaders and supporters threatened the Zambian Police Inspector General and urged him to arrest Hichilema for disrepecting Mr. Lungu or face the axe.

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