Who really is Jacqueline Chikwanda Musonda?

JackieThe Rural Electrification Authority Director of Support Services, Jacqueline Chikwanda Musonda (coded Jackie) is an economics graduate from the University of Zambia. While at UNZA, she was a mere loose girl who went away and out with anything and anyone that proved human male. She was basically a known and educated prostitute. Her dressing, even today, portrays her old tendencies of this loose behavior which is signatures chains of gold all over to validate her feminist appearance. It is now clear why she is uncomfortable with straight personalities.

She recently hounded a young man from her work place because he had nothing to do with her disgraced personal life, both the new and/or old. Before this recent action, she hounded out a decent man by the name of David Lungu, a brilliant mathematician from REA, why? Because he was a sure threat to her position. Another young man who literally had to flee for safety from frustrations was Mr. Besa Chimbaka. Jacqueline Chikwanda Musonda is a monster towards anyone who threatens her position and she has established her stay with people who do not pause a threat to her life or operate way below her bar. It is amazing how people easily forget about themselves and start trashing others.

It is believed that she is eying the CEO position at REA. She coincidentally envies her descent colleague at the ERB. From our data-mine, Jacqueline would be a disaster for already limping and almost closing down REA, as she can be a scatter brain.

Her close counterpart indicated to the new finders that Jackie is still a loose woman. She was busy sexually harassing one young men who left REA a while ago. His name shall be withheld for his safety. So Mrs. Musonda is not descent. She is a crooked woman whose technical skills are questionable, hounding out anyone with better views of her work.

Sadly, it is clear that she has succeeded to stay afloat using her bottom power. What a shame. Never throw stones to glass houses when you live in one. Dull Geoffrey Musonda the CEO is totally blindsided to this part of Jackie. This is the calibre of persons running high offices in the current quasi governmental institutions. Zambia is under siege from mediocrity.


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