Was it really the police who raided HH’s house?

After the recent events involving the police’s invasion of the house of the UPND president we are left wondering what has happened to the Zambia police force that is supposed to serve every citizen regardless of political affiliation. Given their pathetic thugish behaviour we, like every other law abiding citizen, were left wondering if the men in uniform that presented at the scene of this untold crime (because that is what it was) can be proud to call themselves members of the Zambia Police Service. There was:

-no warrant to search the house.
-no callout
-no intention to access the house in a civilized manner
-broke windows not for want of access but out of sheer malice and diocy
-broke down the gate after breaking down the  Wall fence
-stole food stuffs from fridges and storerooms
-walked on beds and sofas with boots
-peed on beds and sofas ( how low can this so called police service get)
-left human waste (defocated)on beds.

How low can they get? Tey have really reached the bottom of the barrel.

REALLY Kanganja, is that a police service you are proud to boast of? You sir, together with your so called police are an absolute disgrace and should hang your heads in collective shame.

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