HH in court.

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Protests have started in Lusaka….


Meanwhile in court Lawyer Vincent Malambo said that:

1 That accused be allowed to seek independent medical services.

2 That visitation to accused be granted especially from family and colleagues.

3 That accused be allowed to interact and inform his lawyers in privacy.

4 That an investigation be launched to ascertain why a pastor the accused does not know visited him at midnight in jail.

5 The accused has not been convicted with any offence and must be treated humanly.

6.Further pleading by VM is that accused be allowed reading materials

Another Lawyer  Jack Mwimbu told the court that the other accused other than Accused 1 (HH ) Were severely tortured even to their private parts Futher that these accused were made to open their mouths and pepper sprayed in the mouth causing unimaginable pain.

ZWD comment: like we told you, HH won’t be released today and from the data we have, the court will adjourn hearing to 24th April. Also remember that the magistrate court where HH is right now can not handle treason. Treason is tried in the high court so this is just wasting time aimed at keeping him longer behind bars.

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