Kaiser Zulu validates his real self

kz2Desperate PF zealot, Kaiser Zulu has taken his political advisory role to Edgar Chagwa Lungu to a different level. Kaiser Zulu was spotted distributing UPND T-Shirts to PF youths, who were being instructed to cause confusion in the Lusaka Townships.

This act is in a bid to agitate the innocent citizens in the townships against the UPND. All the confusion caused there shall be attributed to the UPND. Kaiser Zulu did this during the campaign period prior to the August 2016 general elections.  A similar incidents in Lusaka west, where a gang of PF known youths were caught beating up unsuspecting people while wearing UPND regalia. When the masses finally beat them up, they discovered that these were actually known PF youths.
Under pressure from the ever raising popularity of the main opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, Kaiser Zulu is gone bananas. He no longer really knows his actual job. He is found everywhere with almost every PF thug, wherever the opposition subjects are being victimized.  He was seen wearing Paramilitary police uniform the night Mr. Hichilema’s home was raided.
From our collections now, Mr Hichilema was voted president of the republic of zambia. If his petition were to be allowed to be heard, Zambia would have had a different leader today. Those who talked to Kaiser Zulu that night indicate that Kaiser Zulu actually commandeered the entire battalion. Loads of PF cadres were clad in Zambia Police Uniform and literally ravaged Mr Hichilema’s residence.
This is the Police Amos Chanda has told Kanganja to convert back from “a Police Service” back to a “Police Force”.
Now Kaiser Zulu has stepped up his cadre flair. He now wants to turn the tables round, to inflict pain on innocent people by using PF cadres in UPND T-Shirts. This is literally the worst advisory team to any president Zambia has ever had. Kaiser Zulu is just a criminal and carries a criminal tag. While working at statehouse he has caused several deaths to some of his close associates including his girl friend and has enough blood on his hands off his circles too. Kaiser Zulu is just a criminal who deserves to be in jail.
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