Mutati – Talk Shows to get financing will not Work!

Felix3The once financially flat, dead broke and imposter MMD president Felix Mutati is now rolling in luxury using his talking skills to try and talk the Zambian economic challenge out of its current status. Sadly the challenge for Zambia is a real one that needs real solutions. But Mutati, the talk-show accountant has employed his known talking skills to haul Zambia out of the economic ditch through talking. So far it is not working.

It is good that the Government has a well qualified Chartered Accountant for a Minister of Finance. No one can complain with a rightly qualified man in the seat of managing our Zambian national treasury. Alas the Mutati factor is a treasury looting machine that is drowning Zambia further into an economic ditch. Mutati has managed to inflict so much pain in his first few financial talking moves. He has been Promising a brighter economic tomorrow while lengthening the dark economic nights by the day.

Felix1So, Viva Felix Mutati for killing the masses through inflicting poverty by using  your qualification coupled by your talking skills. You can justify literally everything and anything by your qualification as an Accountant and the talking skills.

While mismanaging the national treasury you are managing your personal treasury. You are not much different from your predecessor Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda (ABC) who looted so much and literally created another Bank of Zambia in China.  Now he milks from there while seemingly humble and retired.

Sadly for Zambia too many government projects need capital financing. The entire economy is bleeding with little mitigation. Once poor men are now billionaires. The masses keep suffering while ECL plays the popular card. So ‘bwana’ Felix Mutati your talk shows are not working. Zambia needs real economic solutions not talk economic shows. It must evident to you that you cannot talk an economy into doing well, yopu actually have to come up with multi faceted policies that steer it in the right direction.

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