Ngoma urges Lungu to declare state of emergency.

Alex Ng’oma says it is necessary for Edgar Lungu to declare a State of Emergency because of people reacting to declining rule of law in Zambia.

Ng’oma a Political Science Lecturer at the University of Zambia (UNZA), said that when the State of Emergency is declared, people’s rights and freedoms will be suspended as the PF tries to control the situation. Ngoma told QTV News that once the state of emergency is declared, the Government can impose curfew to restrict the movement of people at night as one way of controlling the situation.

And this buffoon is teaching university students? He sounds more like a cadre that a university lecturer. He obviously does not or choses to to not undertand what a democratic how a democracy works. What type of graduates would you expect from such useless lecturers? No wonder the standards have gone down at what is supposed to be our flagship university.

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