IG Kanganja spotted deep in Mwinilunga with Sangomas.

kanganja3There are reports reaching the Zambian watchdog that indicate that the embattled  Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja has been sighted in Mwinilunga in Chief Kanyama’s area with a combined  group of Congolese and Angolan sangomas.

It has been confirmed by sources at Police Headquarters that Kanganja has been missing from his office for the past five days despite  heavy police activities and operations in Lusaka over HH’s treason case where his commander in chief insists on his direct involvement and supervision.

It’s therefore highly unusual that the Inspector General of Police would take leave at such a highly sensitive time, without the direct approval of Edgar Lungu.

The sources in Mwinilunga and Police Headquarters suggest that Kanganja seems to be in the advance party of an expected highly classified visit of Edgar Lungu for a asession with the Sangomas.

Villagers interviewed around the area confirm seeing unusual vehicle  traffic of ‘big vehicles’ and men in dark glasses accompanying the Inspector General of Police.

We will update as the story unfolds.


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