If HH wins the court cases, then PF is finished, Lungu tells Judges, Prosecutors.

img-20170115-wa00331President Edgar Lungu has warned that if HH manages to come out clean in the charges he is facing in court, then PF is finished politically as many Zambians will look at him (HH) as a hero. Addressing judges and prosecutors handling HH’s case at State House last night, President Lungu also blasted prosecutors for allowing UPND lawyers to mock them in court, much to the embarrassment of the executive. “I thought we are paying you for this job. I am disappointed that you have allowed yourself to be fooled in court by the UPND. Make sure that HH does not win these cases otherwise we are fished as a party (PF). We are really receiving backing from some of our friendly neighbors, so just carry on the case”, Lungu told lawyers.

President Lungu also said that his primary aim was to get HH convicted and pardon him afterwards so that he can be disqualified from contesting in 2021. “Find ways to convict him. Then I will pardon him like others and we will have been done with him”. “So I would be happy if he is convicted with all the charges so that I can pardon him as a criminal as I did with Chanda Chimba”

The head of state implored high court judges to ensure that HH is pined down and found with a case to answer at all cost. “But if that fails, the subordinate courts should ensure he is convicted on those other cases. What I want is to silence this man once and for all. He has really been giving me a headache. Let us put him where he belongs so that we start working. I cant work well with someone saying he does not recognize me. I pleaded with him to accept me (as president) but he refused to listen, so enough is enough”, he said.

“And don’t worry about those people attacking us for this decision, their days are numbered. I have just decided not to listen to them”.

img-20161223-wa002He also praised the arrest of 4 upnd youth leaders. In kasama we have apprehended some for driving unregisred vehicles. I am happy that our police have arrested those four. We shall toture them and force them to name any senior upnd members. our aim is to finish the upnd politically as our late president (Micheal Sata) finished the mmd”

Meanwhile during the same meeting, Magistrate David Simusamba proposed that his counterpart Green Malumani be disciplined for stating that the treason charges leveled against HH lacked merit. “Sir, concerning Magistrate Malumani, I think he should be disciplined for siding with the UPND. He is the one who is causing all this embarrassment to this government. Let him be transferred to rural places. Magistrate Simusamba however said time should be given to Mr Malumani to see if he could change his behaviour and thanked him for recusing himself in HH’s case. Magistrate Malumani was himself not invited for the meeting as he is viewed as pro UPND. Mr Simusamba promised the head of state to deliver as per the guidelines from the executive. “No problem sir, the UPND are going no where”, he said.


PF Cadre Simusamba

And prosecutors conceded that they were facing embarrassment in court because of how the law says concerning the treason cases. “As you know, that is not treason. But it is becoming a challenge for us to prove that it was treason. For this we are asking the judges handling this case to help us by dismissing by points being raised by the defence (HH’s lawyers). I think if the judges can emulate the constitutional court judges, we can go a long way”, he said. The prosecutor said the PF lawyers who were defending the petition by the UPND managed to have it delayed by the help of the constitutional court judges who kept on dismissing the points they (UPND lawyers) were bringing up. “I think the precedence was set, the more judges side with the executive, the less challenge it become for the prosecutors.
Meanwhile President Lungu has implored lawyers to ensure that LAZ President and her vice are removed from their positions before the end of this year and vote for those that will be supporting the ruling party.

The Head of state also urged the DPP to pardon Obvious Mwaliteta by dropping the charges. “I think we have really punished him. Nine months is not a joke”.

Zambian Watchdog Writes: It is very clear that Zambia is descending down a very slippery slope of cronyism, corruption and downright incompetence.  This is the man who is always crowing about non interferance in the judiciary and the police.

It is up to every citizen of this great country to bring it back from the brink. Even People in the PF need to think twice about what is happening in this great land as we are reaching a point of no return and as long as they are fellow citizens, they will be impacted just like every one else. Time has come for us wrestle back and defend our hard won democracy form these imposters.

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