Just ignore the loudmouth Catholics, even HH’S SDA church have forsaken him- Lungu.

img-20170115-wa00331Edgar Lungu last night told some of his close associates to just ignore the Catholic Church Bishops and their members over their cries on the arrest of the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who is not even their member.
Lungu wondered why the Catholics were poking their nose and being so loudmouth over Mr. Hichilema’s incarceration when his own SDA church has remained mute.
“These Catholics are now loudmouth because they are jealous of my association and close working relationship with Pukuta Mwanza, Joshua Banda and Alfred Ndlovu. No wonder I’ve stopped regularly going to their churches lately. Can you imagine even HH’s own SDA church is quite and actually very supportive of my actions. I know HH has been giving the SDAs lots of money than the Catholics. But his own church leaders are supporting me. That’s why I appointed their church President Akombwa as one of the Human Rights Commissioners. We are working very well together with Pukuta Mwanza, Bishop Alfred Ndlovu and Joshua Banda. They can’t say anything to their member about HH’s arrest. I know these Catholics are now supporting HH because of GBM,” Lungu told his friends.
Lungu bragged that even the Constitutional Court judge Palani Mulonda who gave him the presidency, was an elder in the SDA church.
He said he does not care with the Catholics because they were behind the genocide in Rwanda and can do the same here in Zambia.
He reiterated that if pushed too far, he will just deregister them using the Ministry of Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumali and the Registrar of Societies.
Lungu has since promised to start attending SDA church service as a way to mock the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who has been supporting the SDA church.
He said he was aware that the Catholics had supported the late President Michael Sata but were now bitter that the likes of Pukuta Mwanza and Joshua Banda who were supporting Rupiah Banda had now started supporting Lungu.


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