Exposed PF Cadre magistrate deletes posts linking him to ruling party.

Kindly hide my ID but I hope you have observed that After being exposed as a PF cadre through his facebook updates & photosDavid Simusamba has since changed his privacy settings on his facebook account.

Mr Simusamba is the magistrate handling the politically motivated treason charges against Hakainde Hichilema. On Thursday, the Internet was abuzz with photos and posts of magistrate Simusamba showing his membership and undying loyalty to the PF.

One of the photos shows the magistrate flashing the demonic PF symbol just after voting in 2016.

Previously, the settings used to be public.What a shame that our country has gone to the dogs.Dictatorship is now order of the day.Edgar Lungu must realise that he has planted a bad seed which will backfire.This thing has been seen before and defeated.We had powerful dictators in this world like Saddam Hussein and where are they? So Edgar Lungu and his minions must know that time will catch up with them.Nothing is permanent, like it or not.

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