A whooping K150,000 for a hat for a PF youth.

IMG-20170502-WA0007 - Copy (2)This was a function devoid of the usual food ‘dash and scramble’ frenzy, often witnessed of PF hungry township youths, at State functions at Parliament or State House every so often. In such functions poor PF youths have been sighted helping themselves to whole lamb or pork legs watched by helpless but curious chefs and diplomatic VIPs.

The ‘meet the President’ extravaganza at Government  complex was uniquely different as it lavishly displayed a different breed of PF youths of the ‘bold and the beautiful’, in designer outfits and silk ties. This was indeed a stark contrast to the usual slogan chanting ‘sonta’ and ‘dununa’ reverse gyrating poorly dressed and mulnourished, dysfunctional band of PF youths from Mtendere, Jack Compound and Chawama.

It confirmed an existent of a wealthy class chasm between the very poor and the very rich in the PF.

The tickets cost a couple of a thousand Kwachas for a night to meet the great leader and his surrogates, and perhaps afford a selfie with some of Lusaka’s most affluent business moguls and wealth politicians of the oligarchy.

As the night whiled away, the crescendo was when a neat PF youth made a now famous bid for a whooping K150,000 of the great leader’s top hat. In the rich audience, some cringed while others gasped and hissed with admiration and envy of this super rich kid, while a bunch of others just ‘politely’ clapped.

But who was he? Everybody wanted to know as unverified word quickly went round that he was Muniya Zulu, the young brother to State House special adviser Kaiser Zulu. Everyone then quickly shrugged off a ‘no wonder’ appreciation as they surrendered their curiosity to heavens knows who.

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