Lungu auctions HH’s life in cold blood

President Edgar Lungu has auctioned Hakainde Hichilema’s life in cold blood. He is ready to pay any amount of money to anybody for HH’s head on a platter.

A source at State House who is numb with fear disclosed that the obsession to kill the UPND leaders HH has reached the pinnacle of evil in the PF camp since his arrest.

Some key players in the assassination scheme include Kaiser Zulu, Amos Chanda, Mumbi Phiri, Kennedy Kamba, and PF youth commanders  identified as Olalo, Commando and Ba Pipo from Garden, Intercity and Chawama respectively.

These people have been meeting at Latitude 15 Hotel in Kabulonga, Lusaka on regular basis to plan and get reports from possible assassins. A lot of blood money is exchanging hands at this hotel very day.

And if the assassination plot fails, Lungu is ready to sign the death warrant for HH as soon as it is presented to him by Mukobeko Maximum Prison Officials.

Ngamwafilwa (if you fail) I shall wait for Mukobeko to do the job for all of us. Ine incito yandi kusaina fye, elyo ba Hangman bapwisha incito yabo. (My task is to just sign the death warrant and the Hangman will finish the job for us), said Lungu.

Lungu described former Presidents as cowards for denying to sign death warrants for people on death row. He said he will not hesitate to sign the death warrant for Hakainde Hichilema, adding that the earlier it was done the better.

The source who is living in fear had participated in the raid of HH’s home. He disclosed that some of the PF cadres got Zambia Police uniforms at Chibolya (Pentagon) Police station, and from a Works yard on Manchinchi road (PF camp) where they started from to carry out the raid.

‘Our mission was to kill HH no matter what. Ni Mulungu chabe, otherwise sembe tina mukiliya HH one time, (God’s favour was upon him, otherwise we could have cleared HH one time,” confirmed the source.

But Lungu has strongly tasked the Zambia Police to cook up anything from documents picked in the raid to implicate HH and GBM for treason. He has not taken kindly to the mistakes in the already weak Treason charge and especially the shifting of position on the mattet by the prosecution team.

Imwe bambi mulatumona utulo pe, some of us nakalya iyo, (Some of you can afford to sleep everyday,  but it’s very difficult for some of us), Lungu said.

President Lungu is not ready to take chances on this matter. “I shall not settle for anything short of our plans. Ba Katolika kuti balanda efyo balefwaya, HH empela yakwe, (The Catholic Church can say whatever they want, this is HH’s end.)

The source is a Police Officer at State House

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