Increased ZESCO Tariffs just for more looting!

It is a very well known fact that the increased ZESCO tariffs will allow for more plunder at ZESCO. The Managing Director Victor Mundende, who has become an instant billionaire, will keep looting resources from ZESCO for himself and on behalf of PF. Mundende has all of a sudden become a landlord to many tenants owning houses all over in areas like woodlands, chilanga, Shimabale, etc. This small man in stature has been looting from this institution to an extent that now he is building a hotel in Shimabala. Mundende is just a straight forward thief and is doing so now with impunity. What is also obvious is that for him to remain were he is, there is backing from the incompetent PF leadership.

While the tariff increases may be a genuine call, though the step increase is careless, excessive and disproportionate to the general income levels in the country, it is totally wrong to allow and let the same inexperienced man with absolutely no idea on how to run such a large parastatal. Truth be told, Victor Mundende has neither the managerial experience nor capacity to turnaround ZESCO and operate it in a commercially viable manner. Soon we will be told by the incompetent PF leadership  that they will be selling it and that it is a loss making, non viable entity but we will all know why it has run aground.

Mundende is just a thief with a criminal mind, who now is so scared of his own shadow. He is the first Managing Director to employ personal body guards to hover over his small stature as he moves around. He has looted so much resource that he is now scared to walk freely on the streets. Non of all the previous MD’s for ZESCO ever had personal body guards in 30 years, since 1986 when ZESCO had the first MD. What has changed? What is really the driving factor for this change? It is clear that Mundende has stolen too much money and he is now worried that, the loot he has amassed may attract would be unwanted persons to partake in it.

Why does the appointing authority in the current PF regime, seem to treasure in keeping thieves in key positions? Why is it difficult to clean up the system, why are most senior government officials all carrying extra necks in such a short time? Perhaps most of those in appointing authority are serious beneficiaries from the looting subordinates. Permanent Secretary Chola, at the Ministry of Energy, has been sited as one of the largest beneficiaries from this looting cancer. So she, like others, is conviniently quiet.

This PF regime is generally a thieving regime. Its goal is not to grow and develop Zambia, but as they said to put more money in their pockets. Zambia is under siege from this clan of looters, no wonder Mundende can be allowed to preside over such a sensitive institution with neither the desired experience to run it nor the capacity to improve its current appalling service delivery. Clearly the PF regime is bent on destroying institutions with such great potential in Zambia. Companies like Zamtel, Zambia Railways, Zambia State Insurance and Zesco are all literally bleeding financially. By letting persons without what it takes to genuinely improve service delivery to the masses, the PF just mean to destroy and loot. The tariff increases will not improve ZESCO’s efficiency and service delivery but will accelerate the level of thefts at that institution under the PF. Cry mother Zambia.

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