Minister Kapyongo implicated in murder of MP Mukata’s guard: was with Mukata

Details have emerged that Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo was at the scene of the murder of MP Keith Mukata’s security guard.

This clearly explains why the police are failing to charge Mukata.

The ZWD has been reliably informed that Kampyongo and Mukata were drinking alcohol together that fateful night with their girlfriends. Shortly after midnight, they took their women to Keith Mukata’s law firm.

Close to Keith Mukata’a law firm, there is a drinking place mainly patronised by PF cadres and it was these PF cadres that first arrived at the scene when Gun shots were heard and Mukata shouted murder .

Also present were some Chinese and Indian nationals who arrived at the scene making it difficult for police ballistic experts to conduct their work.

Lusaka Province Police commissioner Nelson Phiri found Kampyongo at the crime scene and is fully aware of what transpired at the crime scene that night.

Kampyongo is therefore supposed to be arrested as one of the suspects in the murder of Keith Mukata’s guard. A thug in a suit is still a thug and this looks like a clear case of animal farm.

We challenge Kampyongo and the police to deny these facts.

This now explains why it has been very difficult to formally charge Keith Mukata for shooting dead his security guard because Kampyongo is also an accomplice as he was part of the murder.

It is even possible that Mukata was not the one who pulled the trigger.

Mukata’s life could be in danger at this point.

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