Call and Invitation for Prayers by City Of Refuge Ministries.

Following a series of statements by anonymous individuals and organisations regarding  our call for a day of prayer for peace in our Nation, we the City of Refuge Ministries wish to state and confirm that we are spearheading the organisation of this important occasion where we have invited various groups and individuals to this gathering that takes place on Monday 15th May 2017 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross at 14hrs.

We wish to further state that among many of  those that we have sent invitations to attend are Government, political parties from both the ruling party and the opposition and other churches, NGOs, Civil Society, Women’s groups and many more.

We have however been taken aback by social media reports that indicate that it is the Catholic Church that is organising these prayers.

We find these reports absolutely malicious and  an attempt by the authors to cause confusion on an occasion that is meant to seek for peace, unity and reconciliation in the Nation.

We are at a loss as to the motive behind these reports and wish to therefore exonerate the Catholic Church from these social media pirates whose intentions appear to be to  degrade the importance of prayer and reconciliation in our land.

The City of Refuge Ministries however recognises that social media is a free and uncontrolled platform where fake news makers thrive in sowing seeds of confusion, hate and destruction.

It is in view of the above  unfortunate events that we wish to sincerely apologise for the embarrassment   this misconception has caused to all those affected including the Catholic Church. We further wish to appeal to all citizens to come in numbers and not be discouraged by whoever these enemies of peace maybe.

It’s our duty as Christians to pray for each other before we pray for ourselves and Monday’s intercessory prayers are exactly meant for that.

God bless all of you and God bless the Republic of Zambia.

Pastor Kangwa Chileshe,
General Overseer
City of Refuge Ministries

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