Zambia is not Divided, it’s one. It is Lungu who is divided – GBM

Fellow country men and women and all Zambians of all backgrounds and political persuasions, we in the UPND wish to urge you  today as you go to your various Churches, Mosques, Temples and various prayer houses, to beseech your God to bring peace and reconciliation to this Country.

We have come from very far as a Nation and existed as one even under colonial bondage and subjugation well before Independence from British colonial rule.

Zambians are a very resilient people and united in spirit and in truth much like a beehive and will not allow this hand in glove relationship we have for each other to be squandered by schemers chancers and gate crashers to our sovereignty and unity of purpose as a people and a one Nation under one God.

The reported  confession and bizarre admission by Mr Edgar Lungu yesterday at the burial of a matriarch, freedom fighter and wife of the late Independence hero Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe  if true and underscores the dilemma and the serious  problem our Nation finds itself in.

Those that took our past various warnings that Edgar Chagwa Lungu has no vision for this Country and is hell bent on taking this great Nation on a path of destruction and confusion should now vindicate us.

Do Zambians really need any clearer evidence that Lungu has no sense of patriotism and duty to unify and seek for harmony, peaceful coexistence and a prosperous Nation that will benefit all citizens that live in it?

It is highly disturbing and distressing that Mr Edgar  Chagwa Lungu will use a solemn occasion of a funeral of a National hero, at the birthplace of the struggle for independence, and breath out a venomous message of disunity that appears to blame Zambians but himself for the confusion that he himself  has caused in the Nation.

We just wonder if our founding  fathers and many freedom fighters  present at the funeral like Dr Kenneth Kaunda and former President Rupiah Banda felt honoured and hopeful for the future of the Nation they helped liberate half a century ago after such a confused statement by Lungu.

We in the UPND wish to reiterate and state that Zambia will unite and remain intact despite the malicious pessimistic agenda that appear to be a deliberate attempt by Lungu to sow seeds of confusion and hopelessness in all our people.

We reject the spirit of dictatorship, despotism and terror Mr Lungu and his party the PF have injected into our people and our Nation.

As we speak, our own President Mr Hakainde Hichilema and hundreds of UPND supporters and ordinary Zambians are political and prisoners of conscience as they remain  incarcerated in filthy jails around the Country,  under trumped up charges engineered by the PF and Edgar Lungu.

We demand for their immediate and unconditional release because their only offence, is to speak freely in the country of their birth and to aspire for public office, rights all Zambians have as enshrined in our constitution.

It is in light of the foregoing that we urge all Zambians to pray for peace today, tomorrow and everyday so that God gives us direction and purpose for our troubled Nation.

May God bless you and may God bless the Republic.

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba
Vice President

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