Zambians Prepare themselves for Peace Prayers at The Cathedral of the Holy Cross today

It is expected that hundreds of people from all walks of life will converge for prayers for peace at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross at 14hrs today.

Many Lusaka Pastors and religious leaders are encouraging their members to attend the prayers that are being coordinated by the City of Refuge Ministries  General Overseer Pastor Kangwa Chileshe.

There are however  indications that certain unidentified organisations are apparently uncomfortable with the holding of the intercessory prayers at a time when the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, is in detention, fearing that the same maybe centred around his incarceration and treason trial.

Unknown propagandists flooded social media with  statements  claiming the prayers were being organised by the Catholic Church. The Catholics immediately issued a counter statement denying the claim calling it “fake news”.

This incident was interpreted by many as an indicator of certain political players  resisting the holding of the prayer meeting by sowing seeds of confusion.

Zambians are however  a highly ‘religious sensitive’ people and any attempts to sabotage a religious gathering will often lead to a backlash that is blind to political affiliation.

Among many expected to attend the function will be members of the Diplomatic corps, NGOs, Women and Youth groups and members of both the ruling  and the opposition parties and many others.

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