The Fairness and Firmness of the Subordinate Courts shames the Compromised Chief Justice.

There seems to be some glimmer of hope in the dispensation of justice at the subordinate court level of the Zambian judiciary.

So far the uncompromising, firm and fair stance the two magistrates that are dealing with the Hichilema cases have exhibited, gives hope that there are still men and women of integrity and honour in the Zambian judiciary system.

Zambians are well aware that there’s a conspiracy to strangle and bring the judiciary to its  knees before the ‘great dictator leader’ Edgar Chagwa Lungu, in driving his evil agenda against those that refuse to speak his  language of tribalism, despotism, corruption and brutality.

It’s indisputable and it’s all there for everyone to see how a highly compromised High court judge refuses to recuse himself in a case where he has shown open bias towards one party over the other. We have also seen how  the same judge has let out a string of highly suspicious adjournments at the slightest excuse, in an apparent bid to stretch out the UPND election petition case to eternity.

Zambians are wise enough to realise that there’s a ‘Nyasalandic’ cartel that Edgar Chagwa Lungu has formed in the Zambian judiciary to numb it so that they fraudulently rule in his favour perpetually.

Chief Justice Mambilima is the architect and part and parcel of Chagwa’s third term evil bid that is currently before court and it is getting clear that the verdict will favour Lungu. Irene has proven her bias for the injustice, uselessness and ineffectiveness as far charting a clear path for the judicial system in Zambia.

The Catholic Bishops have pulled no punches in their recent pastoral letter when they candidly and correctly observe, “the judiciary have let us down by failing to stand up to political manipulation and corruption”.

The subordinate courts have so far risen above the big waves of corruption and manipulation and have given a glimmer of hope in the dispensation of justice and fairness. The silence of Justice Mambilima in all this has been deafening. It is a shame that she has abrogated her duty as chief justice to the point where she is practically killing the nation and destroying the country.

In his ruling over the case of “using insulting language” in the Hakainde case, the presiding judge quipped, “it’s only a sadist who can want someone locked up in jail in a case that was not even investigated in the first place”.

This case has brought out the worst in society’s quest and desire to hate and to harm some of its members at the instigation and inspiration of evil based on murderous revenge and rage by Lungu and Mambilima.

Justice Mambilima will do well to resign. It’s the only  honourable thing she can do that is left of her. She is a disgrace to the noble ideals of justice and fair play, and also an utter embarrassment to the legal fraternity and her international peers in the British Commonwealth, and beyond.

Again we say, Mambilima must just resign.

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