HH case, Magistrates Computer Collapses so has the Judiciary – Chief Justice must resign

The excuse that was given today by the now pathetic judiciary for yet another adjournment was that the computer had crushed. This is a scandal of huge proportions and is a disgrace to this Nation and the judiciary must hang their heads in shame!

There are human beings in filthy jail conditions who want justice and we have a Magistrate who promised to dispense justice by adjourning for three weeks but can’t bring himself to pass judgement by scandalously adjourning twice in two days for the flimsiest excuse!

The magistrate had 21 plus 2 days to save his judgement in a USB stick and his computer goes to sleep at the 11th hour? What a bunch of malarkey!

This confirms why Irene Mambilima must resign. She can’t have a judiciary function in such an incompetent and scandalous manner under her watch.

How long should Zambia be a regional  laughing stock and an African judicial disgrace?It would seem they have sold their souls to the devil himself and this is something the judiciary needs to grapple with. Meanwhile the nation continues to be humiliated internationally by their disgraceful conduct. In countries other than this one, the chief Justice would resign.


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