Sunday Chanda Confirms Lungu as a Dictator

Sunday Chanda has confirmed that Edgar Lungu is a dictator who specialises in ending political careers of those who oppose him.

In a statement attributed to Sunday Chanda on social media, he glorifies Edgar Lungu’s dictatorship tendencies.

This confession is clearly an assault on Zambia’s democracy, the rule of law and a slap in the faces of all the freedom fighters that shed precious blood to ensure that Zambia was independent. It negates all the efforts gained by the Movement of Multy Party (MMD) members that risked their lives to meet at Garden House to campaign and usher in a democratic dispensation.

A democracy where adherence to the constitution and respect for human rights is paramount. A democracy where the freedom of expression and association was prominent and once respected.

The statement which has gone viral was apparently written by Sunday Chanda who embarrassingly gloats about how Edgar Lungu has violated the constitution and the rule of law by abusing the police to silence anyone with dissenting views.

In the statement Chanda cheekily refers to Edgar Lungu as the “Political Career Ender” and lists down names of politicians that Lungu has apparently used state resources to silence. Chanda taunts PF senior member Chishimba Kambwili that he soon will be humbled like UPND president Hakainde Hichilema if he oversteps his boundaries.

“If HH, can be humbled, and forced to celebrate his 55th birthday in Chimbokaila, who is Kambwili? He (Kambwili) will spend 255 days in prison and celebrate his 70th birthday behind bars”, Chanda says. Calling Edgar Lungu a ‘political career ender’ which in essence means a brutal dictator who silences those that oppose him.

“Edgar Chagwa Lungu, many call him a “Dictator”, but I call him Eagle One – I call him ” Political Career Ender”, says Chanda.

Chanda then lists  the following as notable people whose political careers ended on Edgar Lungu’s account:

  1. GUY SCOTT: PF founding member, former Vice President and acting President. Lungu crooked his way by using pangas and violence to sideline Guy Scott. Lungu said he didn’t regard Guy Scott as his friend because he never drank with him.

2.  MILES SAMPA: Former finance minister had challenged Lungu for the PF                      presidency. Lungu and his cronies forced Sampa out of the PF. He was later dribbled into rejoining the PF but embarrassingly told he had to apply to rejoin the PF. A status which remains unclear up to now.

3. GBM; Former Defence minister and founding member of the PF. He challenged       Lungu for the PF presidency but was also hounded out of the party.

The others are that Chanda mentions are  Mike Mulongoti, “Bashi Nono”, Mulenga Sata, Mwaliteta Obvious, Fred Mmembe, Brian Hapunda and  Wilber Simusa.

Chanda blatantly boasts that incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will soon be added to that list.

“Very soon your HH will be added to the list. U celebrate his birthday, but we celebrate his death day politically. Until we finish him politically, forget about his release” , Chanda boasts.

What myopic characters like Chanda fail to understand is that  for Lungu to entrench himself as a fully fledged dictator, he will have to railroad the entire nation of Zambia with its 16 million people. That, tryas he might, is not likely to happen and people like Chanda will sooner or later find themselves consigned to the garbage heap of history without a trace.

Long live democracy and the rule of law in our beloved republic of Zambia!

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