Don’t talk about arrest of HH abroad, Govt threatens GBM

The dictatorial Zambian regime has warned UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba against talking about the arrest of Hakainde Hichilema to the international community . The PF regime has hinted at following GBM where he is in order to try and arrest him. We doubt there is a country that can surrender GBM to Zambia right now unless its Zimbabwe or Uganda and similar dictatorships.

Spokesperson for the regime Kampamba Mulenga claimed that Zambia is a sovereign state so HH’s arrest has nothing to do with the international community. Kapamba said Mwamba is sending wrong signals to the international community.

She said in an interview yesterday tMwamba’s statements on UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s arrest are contemptuous, adding that he must know that the law can follow him wherever he is.

“It is wrong for Mr Mwamba to start asking the international community to intervene in the arrest of opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema i,” she said.

Mulenga Kapamba said Mr Mwamba knows that the case he is commenting on is active in the courts of law.

She said that Zambia is a sovereign State and as such Mr Hichilema’s arrest has nothing to do with the international community.

Mulenga said “even if Mr Mwamba lobbies the international community, there is nothing any of these countries can do ”.

“Mr Mwamba is trying to bring anarchy in the country and he must be aware that the long arm of the law can follow him,” she said.

Mulenga said there is no tension in the country as evidenced by the peace that the country continues to enjoy.

Like all the other myopic members of Lungu’s regime, Mulenga  does not seem to understand that much as Zambia is a sovereign state, it is part of the wider international community. This means that nations that are friendly to this country can and will host anyone that is persecuted  by the powers that be and to that end any citizen that of this country that feels threatened in any way is free to take refuge.

We wonder where which planet this fellow Mulenga hails from if he is still contending  that there is no tension in Zambia.

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