‘Tell Me how HH was going to install himself as President’ – DPP Shawa refuses to touch fake case.

Director of Public Prosecution Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni has again refused to go ahead with the treason case against the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema which came up for committal this morning.
Insiders say the evil dictator Edgar Lungu with the advice of Kaizer Zulu, Stephen Kampyongo, Mumbi Phiri and Kennedy Nkamba have been pushing her to just continue with the fake treason case against the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his co-accused as a way of fixing him.
But State House and intelligence sources have revealed that Ms. Shawa feels embarrassed with the whole stupidity associated with the case that she does not want her name and integrity to be dented by being associated with the fake and bogus treason case.
She has continued advising the evil group that if indeed they have solid evidence against Mr. Hichilema and his co-accused, the best they can do now is to enter a nolle proseque even today then furnish her with the evidence of Mr. Hichilema going to forcibly grab power in Mongu.
“Your know she is one of the decent women of integrity still remaining in the judiciary processes and she also belongs and reports to the International Bar Association of eminent legal practitioners in the world. All eyes are in the world are on Zambia now over this stupid case and how she handles the case will define her future legal career. But even in her personal capacity, she has completely refused to be associated with this bogus treason case which she knows is not going anywhere,” impeccable State House sources have revealed.
Sources say Ms. Shawa has requested the PF evil leadership to conduct a full investigation and furnish her with evidence on how Mr. Hichilema was going to install himself as President of Zambia by force while driving on the Mongu motorcade fiasco.
Other sources within the dull PF Government leadership have stated that one of the overt acts being cited by Mr. Lungu in the fake treason charges is that Mr. Hichilema while acting together with his relatives in Lusaka organised to be accorded a Presidential welcome in Mongu. Even if that were true, one wonders how that can be equated to treason.
Another accusation is that Mr. Hichilema was supposed to be installed as President of Zambia in Mongu while driving along the Mongu Limulunga road, right!
But insiders have revealed that dictator Edgar Lungu, especially that he is supposed to be a lawyer, seems not to have a clue what he is doing as there is no case here.
They are questioning who would have installed Mr. Hichilema as President of Zambia in the absence of the Chief Justice or any judiciary officers.
In a normal situation as, being implied by dictator Edgar Lungu, it would have meant that Mr. Hichilema be accorded with a full military parade in Mongu by the Zambian defence forces with possible guard of honour and gun salute where service chiefs must be present together with all the national symbols of power such as the national and Presidential flags.
Sources are now questioning if this was the case in Mongu, how is it that no one from the defense forces has so far been arrested and charged with treason with Mr. Hichilema to this day? Who is it who organised to declare Mr. Hichilema as President of Zambia and why is that person not arrested?
Sources say even in the unlikely event that Lungu was involved in a road accident in that Mongu road incident and died, this does not benefit Mr. Hichilema at all as the amended constitution is very clear that the one who would have benefited and became President is Lungu’s running mate who is the Vice-President Inonge Wina.
And even if both Lungu and Ms. Wina died at the same time today, that still does not benefit Mr. Hichilema and his co-accused plus the UPND leadership as the person who takes over power is the Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini.
And if even if Mr. Lungu died in a road accident in the Mongu motorcade fiasco, it could just have been a case of causing death by dangerous driving. But even then, Mr. Hichilema was not even the driver and it’s not even known or can it be proved that Mr. Hichilema was actually in that private BAE vehicle.
Sources say as confirmed by Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, Mr. Hichilema left the Limulunga arena ealier than Lungu and he actually left Mongu earlier than Edgar Lungu. So at what stage was Mr. Hichilema going to be installed as President of Zambia. What lunacy.
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