Davis Mwila Hallucinates about “Finishing” UPND. He is delusional.

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has been quoted by certain sections  of the media as saying the PF can ‘finish’ the UPND within a year if they so desired.

If it’s true,  then we have never heard such a bunch of malarkey. UPND membership is no longer written on membership cards and Ward or Constituency registers. The oppression with which the PF has subjected UPND has led millions of Zambia to write the Party in their hearts, spirit and soul. The ink is indelible and cannot be wiped out with teargas, Police short batons and jail cells. It’s an eternal flame that burns and shut up in their bones.

The PF has radicalised UPND members that their  dedication to this party is unmatched, unequalled and unparalleled. It’s deep and matching forward!

This also goes to show how politically thoughtless the PF leadership are and how lacking they are in simple analytical skills and  the ability to read the mood of the nation. Mwila will have to kill half of Zambia to ‘wipe’ out UPND.

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