Lawmaker Belemu’s Point of Order Puts Speaker in moral Dilema.

When  Donald Trump signed a blanket  Executive order banning  certain Muslim Countries’ citizens from travelling to the US, his surrogates and supporters gleefully cheered and applauded the bizarre move.

Reality however began to set in a few days later, when alternative views began to emerge on the legal flaws of the order.

Legal Experts and opponents of President Trump began to ‘microspically’ scrutinise the intentions of the order and began to punch holes until the whole thing was undermined and set aside by the Courts.

MP for Mbabala Ephraim Belemu has exposed Speaker Matibini as a PF cadre who cares nothing for procedure, protocols and fairness.

Matibini’s emotional, high pitched, breathless explanation and justification for his action in an interim answer to the Lawmaker’s House query, exposed the speaker’s irrationality and lack of sound judgement on such a serious and unprecedented matter, where  almost half the Zambian population is defrancharised for a month.

Speaker Matibini was in such hot political pursuit of the UPND, that he failed to check that certain MPs had applied for leave of absence on the day his President was addressing Parliament! But why the hurry? Of course we know why.

Matibini’s pathological hate of the UPND and his intentions to liquidate the Party at its most difficult time, when it’s Party leader is incarcerated in a Maximum Security prison on Trumped up charges, has in all intents and purposes, been laid bare.

His efforts to report HH to the Police for so called insulting him has a hallmark of hate for the man and the Party and lacks respectability for a man at that level.

Why are Nkandu Luo and Margaret Mwanakatwe still MPs when the Courts nullified their parliament seats months ago, and yet he finds it in order to nullify seats of duly elected members of parliament for a month?

Whatever explanation he murmurs through, in his fake Victorian parliamentary accent, it will not fool any Zambians other than his PF comrades and fellow cadres.

Matibini is what he is, a PF cadre and Hon Belemu has exposed him for who he really is. He must resign!

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