Calls to Arrest Sunday Chanda Intensify as Police deny his statement and clear UPND

Calls from a cross section of citizens to have PF media Director Sunday Chanda arrested for sedition is heightening as the Police disassociate the UPND from any wrong doing.

Sunday Chanda early this yesterday morning issued a statement where he revealed that the PF vigilante team had apprehended a UPND sympathiser who was found with bombs and explosives and that he had confessed to being on a UPND mission to bomb buildings in Lusaka, as a tactic to press for the release of President Hakainde Hichilema.

“In the early hours of this morning, our vigilantes apprehended a UPND sympathisers by the name of Lloyd Kabaso, who had highly dangerous explosives earmarked for bombing buildings in Lusaka Business District”.

The Police however countered and dismissed  Mr Chanda’s statement within hours of its publication.

“Mr Lloyd Kabaso has been on a Police wanted list for various offenses. We would like to dispel information circulating on social media linking this matter to politics, to UPND in particular as this is a matter of breaking in”.

“We call upon all those generating false information and issuing alarming statements to desist forthwith”, read part of the statement signed by Police spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo.

The UPND Secretary General Mr Steven Katuta had earlier in the day rubbished the PF statement calling the claims reckless, dangerous and irresponsible.

“The UPND wishes to vehemently reject and disassociate itself from the claims being circulated by the PF media, that a Mr Lloyd Kabaso who they claim is a UPND sympathiser, has confessed of being on a mission to use explosives to bomb buildings in Lusaka”.

“We are aware that the PF is trying to divert attantion and are reeling from a hard hitting joint communique by the three Church Mother Bodies which brought to the fore the Party’s dictatorship and lack of leadership”, read part of the press release.

Mr Katuka stated that the UPND was also aware that the PF had been agitating for the State of Emergency but that his political Party will continue to pursue legal available options to obtain justice for Mr Hichilema.

The UPND youth wing has meanwhile urged the Police to arrest Mr Chanda for issuing false alarms and further gave him 24 hours to apologise to the Nation of face a possible citizens’ arrest.

The PF is yet to respond to the matters surrounding Mr Sunday Chanda’s position though as we all know, being PF is equavalent to being above the law at the moment.

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