Sakala’s Daily Nation Newspaper owes ZRA in taxes – a case of double standards.

In another case of double standards, convict and tribalist Richard Sakala’s Daily Nation newspaper owes ZRA a staggering K13,879,000 (K13,879,000 billion) according to the records at ZRA.

The newspaper being used for hate speech and tribalism in the country is also owing the National Pension scheme a huge amount of money in unpaid remittances for its employees.

Towards the 2016 general elections, Richard Sakala who is the young brother to Edwin Sakala both Edgar Lungu’s relatives openly practising tribalism and hate speech, got 10 motor vehicles from Pilatus Engineering which were paid for by Amos Chanda without paying duty.

Sakala has since sold the 6 out of the 10 vehicles while he has kept one for his personal use, one has been given to his other media outlet the Millennium Radio station, two for Daily Nation newsroom, and one to his wife.

Sakala was the champion in the closure of the Post Newspaper in a government sponsored scheme to silence the opposition but they claimed the newspaper owed taxes.

So far, ZRA Commissioner General has ordered his employees never to query the newspaper’s tax obligations as he can lose his job.

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