90% of People supporting Lungu’s Dictatorship are from one province.

Zambians are not against President Lungu receiving support but what they are against is for the president to be receiving support only from his fellow tribes-mates. But why have these other 9 provinces stopped supporting President Lungu?

Here is the full list of people supporting president Lungu’s dictatorship and point out how many are not from Eastern Province.

  1. Rupiah Bwezani Banda = From Eastern Province
  2. Bishop Joshua Banda = From Eastern Province
  3. Bishop Alick Banda = From Eastern Province
  4. Auxiliary Bishop Benjamin Phiri of Chipata = Eastern Province
  5. Rev Pukuta Mwanza = Eastern Province
  6. Bishop Peter Ndhlovu of BIGOCA = Eastern Province
  7. Rev. Pukuta Mwanza = Eastern Province
  8. Richard Sakala = Eastern Province.
  9. Edwin Sakala = Eastern Province
  10. Ireen Mambilima = Eastern Province
  11. Essau Chulu = Eastern Province
  12. Paramount Chief Mpezeni = Eastern Province
  13. Kaiza Zulu = Eastern Province
  14. Amos Chanda = Northern Province
  15. Mumbi Phiri = Muchinga Province
  16. Sunday Chanda = Northern Province.
  17. Pastor Gilbert Daka = Eastern Province.
  18. Rev Titus Nickson Lungu = Eastern Province
  19. Father Erick Mwanza = Eastern Province.
  20. Dr. Pethus Mbewe = Eastern Province
  21. Antonio Mwanza (FDD) = Eastern Province
  22. Tilyenji Mwanza (PF Journalist) hope u know the province she is coming from. But in case u dont, she is also from Eastern Province.IMG-20170620-WA0006

The list of the members of the tribal cartel from Eastern Province is endless.

Now, out of the twenty two prominent people supporting Edgar Lungu, only 3 are not Easterners. We are talking about 86.4% support from his region. He is only enjoying 13.6% support from the other 9 provinces. But why is it so? Why only being supported by fellow tribesmate?

Its good that people from Northern, Luapula and Muchinga have now realized Lungu is running an open tribal cartel with the sole aim of dominating Zambia.

I now believe, Bembas cannot be tricked or used, they are too sensitive!

By Reagan Chiti

Political Commentator


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