UPND Counsels it’s youth over booing of Hon Sumaili at court.

The UPND has expressed regret at the behaviour of some of its youths at yesterday’s court session. This had to do, in particular, with the heckling and the booing of the Hon Sumaili at the courts. Below is a statement issued by the party chairperson Mrs Mutale Nalumango:

We wish to express our regret that our youths were involved in an altercation that led to the booing and heckling of Hon Godridah Sumaili at the Magistrates Courts yesterday.

Whilst appreciating the pain, anger and disappointment a lot of us, including our youths are experiencing, in the unfair incarceration of our President on trumped up charges, we should however restrain ourselves from actions that will only arm our adversaries.

We find the incident unfortunate especially that Hon Sumaili is a woman and a mother and was in company of her beloved husband.

There are a lot of citizens who are not necessarily UPND but stand with our Party at this dark hour of dictatorship and gross abuse of civil liberties. How should they view us if we start insulting mothers?

Let’s instead redirect our anger in ensuring we peacefully mobilise every Zambian who is unhappy with economic hardships and dictatorship, and win them over on our side, by making sure we rise above unbecoming behaviour that was exhibited at court yesterday.

Our youths and supporters will without doubt appreciate that Hon Sumaili is at  Court, out of an action initiated by our own dear President. It would therefore be expected of us  that we would be the first ones to  accord her utmost respect and cooperation, by ensuring that she avails herself at Court without any form of intimidation.

We should continue offering solidarity to President HH as he appears in Court, but as we cheer him on we should avoid to jeer those we view have conflicting views to ours.

Let’s show them that they are simply our political opponents and not our sworn enemies, that love overrides hate and that the UPND will bring peace, unity and reconciliation when we form Government.

It is in view of the foregoing that we wish to extend our sincere apologies to Hon Sumaili and her husband and assure that such action will not be repeated.

God bless our youths, our women and all our supporters, and God bless Zambia.


Mutale Nalumango



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