Lungu must immediately change course to avert a national catastrophe – Nevers Mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba this morning delivered letters to President Lungu, the country resident representative of the IMF, High Commissioners of Ghana, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa highlighting the current stale mate in the nation.

In his letter to President Lungu, Dr Mumba highlighted how the current national divide and crisis will negatively affect the prospects for a united and prosperous nation. He has proposed that Mr Lungu leads the process of dialogue and immediately changes course in order to avert a national catastrophe. This is not about who wins the political debate or who has access to media to tell their side of the story, Mumba says, It is about our collective values and objectives as a people. Even if PF won the media debate, it changes nothing but only robs us an opportunity to fix the broken national spirit.

In his letter to the IMF representative, the MMD President advised the international body to ensure that they consider good governance issues before releasing any funding to Zambia as they will be accused of supporting brutality of a government against its own people. IMF must interrogate the current democratic credentials of Zambia. The IMF must take time to interview opposition leaders in the same way they interview other stake holders.

In his message to the SADC High Commissioners, Dr Mumba appealed to regional governments to support the Zambian people by holding back on presidential state visits to Zambia so that the current regime does not continue to use such visits as an endorsement of their undemocratic rule.

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