The corrupt minister Kambwili is talking about is Chitotela.

Information has emerged that it is not only PF President Edgar Lungu who has received huge sums of money from the Chinese Company Avic International.

Intelligence sources have also named Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela, his Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota, special Advisor for corruption to Lungu Kaizer Zulu and Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya.

Intelligence sources disclosed this in an exclusive interview after former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili posted on his Facebook page advising an unnamed minister to prepare for jail because he has been receiving money from contractors. “The person Kambwili is refering to on his page is Ronald Chitotela but it is not him only. Even his PS and Kaizer are in it. It is actually KZ who advised Lungu to appoint Chitotela as Infrastructure Minister,” the source said. The source said Avic deposited huge sums of money for Chitotela five days after he was appointed as a minister.

Further the source disclosed that Dora Siliya was given money by Avic in order for the construction company to take over the Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) under the Public Private Partnership. ‘Dr. Chishimba should not think that it is only Edgar Lungu benefiting from Avic. No they are many including Mwape the Acting Chief Executive of Roads Development Agency (RDA). He was the Director of procurement at RDA and advertised a tender for construction of RDA Corporate Office along Twin Palm road. You can google that advert in the Daily Mail and Times of Zambia.

State House cancelled the tender after so many companies bought the tender document and single sourced Avic,” the source said. The source said Avic also has bought former Blue Nile Lodge in Chawama for Edgar Lungu though Lungu is using his friend a Mr. Sichamba the owner of Ndozo Lodge as a front. Lungu frequents the lodge at night.

On Siliya the source said ” Why do you think Lungu did not do anything when she was on holiday in USA with the Boyfriend when we had problems with Army Worms. She has even opened a very expensive joint in Longacres along Saise road called Manor. We are documenting everything,” the source said.


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