Lack of wisdom at State House

When Edgar Lungu soon after the death of Michael Sata said he had no vision he was right. Probably it was the first and last time he was right.

For those who monitored the happenings at the Lusaka Magistrate Court when Amos Chanda, Lungu’s spokesperson appeared for his contempt of court case brought by Hakainde Hichilema, it was clear that there is no Wisdom at State House. Amos Chanda is a Civil Servant paid by tax payers including HH. Why then did he have Pathetic Fools (PF) cadres as his security detail.

Boss Amos as those PF thugs call him was sorrounded by Kennedy Kamba PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman, Brian Hapunda a PF Zooker, Julius Komaki a PF thug once hacked and went into Coma by fellow thugs now with PF security attached to Zesco and driving a Zesco Landcruiser when Zesco engineers have none. Others noticed are Mathew Pikiti Junior a PF cadre specialised in selling land for PF bigwigs.

Surely if there is Wisdom at State House could this have happened. Since Amos claims to have uttered the contemptious words as Press Aide why wasn’t he accompanied by fellow Civil Servants like Christa Kalulu the Permanent Secretary at State House or Mr. Francis Chalabesa the Principal Private Secretary.

A word to those presiding Magistrates and Judges. The appearance of Amos Chanda and those PF thugs is clear testimony that HH’s case is political. We wonder who paid those thugs because we know they can not escort Amos for Mahala ( for free).

We also hope the co PF President Kaizer Zulu cleared them since we know Kaizer and Amos do not see each other eye to eye. They both fight to control Edgar Lungu.

Thats for today.

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