Govt and AVIC confirm housing complex belongs to Lungu, more to be built using IMF funding near Mikango.

Senior officials from the Ministry of Works and the Road Development Agency (RDA) plus some employees of AVIC International have all confirmed that the multimillion housing complex that has been built in State Lodge area of New Kasama indeed belongs to captive and hostage dictator Edgar Lungu.

UPP President Dr. Saviour Chishimba yesterday unleashed the corruption matrix of AVIC International, a Chinese company that is in road construction in Zambia.

Chishimba gave Lungu a seven days ultimatum to deny whether those mansions built by Avic International are not his and demanded for the forensic audit of all the Avic International road contracts in the country.

But officials from all these wings have revealed that it was not even a secret that these multimillion housing complex belongs to Edgar Lungu and has not paid for a single coin.

This company is building these mansions in exchange for more road contracts whose prices are highly inflated in order to cover the cost of building Edgar Lungu’s expensive housing units.

Sources have revealed to the Zambian Eagle that actually Lungu is starting another multimillion housing complex in Mikango barracks area where he’s targeting money to be released by the IMF funding.

Sources say Lungu has now set his eyes on the International Monetary Fund money to start other corrupt deals that will involve the construction of more housing units, hotels, farms, and some factories by the Chinese companies, especially AVIC International.

Avic International is also the same company that has been given road contracts for the Copperbelt and is involved in the construction of airports in the country.

But they are over inflating the prices way beyond the scope of work in order to cover the cost of building Edgar Lungu’s business empire.

Zambian watchdog

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